Products for Plant and Agricultural Research

DBA ITALIA product lineup for Plant and Agricultural Research:



MP Biomedicals supplies a complete kit for the isolation of pure DNA from any environmental sample:

  • 116560200 FastDNA SPIN Kit for Soil designed to isolate bacterial, fungal, plant, and animal genomic DNA from soil and other environmental samples

  • 116561050 MagBeads FastDNA ™Kit for Soil for the extraction of highly pure genomic DNA from different types of soil, including organic soil, paddy soil, flowerbed soil, saline soil, desert soil that is ready for downstream analyses such as PCR, restriction digestion, electrophoresis and other desired applications
  • Lysing Matrices for Agricultural Samples Effective method for cell lysis Large selection of lysing matrices differing by size, shape, material and composition for plant tissues and environmental samples

MedChemExpress provides natural products and screening libraries for agricultural research.



Cosmo Bio USA supports agricultural and plant research industries.

Top selling products:

  • Guaiacol Detection Kit and YSG Media (KYO-08921 and KYO-08901) - Used by the fruit juice and wine industry to identify the existence of thermostable (surviving Pasteurization) guaiacol-producing bacteria.
  • FAST ELISA Ver III Soybean (NPH-999100435EX) - Quickly detecting soybean antigens
  • Aquaporin antibodies for a variety of plant transporter antibodies



Vector Laboratories supplies lectins and glycobiology reagents for agricultural research.
Applications: screening of probes for polysaccharides localisation study of the chitosan role in horticultural crops lectins as insecticidal activities.

Lectins - All lectins manufactured by Vector Laboratories are extracted from a native plant source (i.e. seeds, bulbs, fruit etc.) and are not recombinant.


Lectin Screening kits - Lectin screening kits provide a panel of lectins or lectin conjugates selected to provide a variety of sugar binding preferences.



Lifeasible is specialized in agricultural science, offering a wide variety of agro-related services and products for environmental and energy solutions.



Plant Biology Categories:




GlycoSeLect produces Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins (RPLs) suitable for:

  • Detection and analysis glycans in situ, cell identification
  • Classification of microorganisms or other infectious agents





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3Helix, Inc. AAT Bioquest, Inc. Abbexa Ltd Abbkine Abcepta Abebio Abnova Acris ACRO BIOSYSTEMS ADDEXBIO Agrisera Aldevron AMSBIO LTD Anaspec Anatrace Antibodies Incorporated Applichem Panreac ARIGO BIOLABORATORIES Assay Genie AthenaES AURION Aviva Systems Biology Bachem BD CBP Becton Dickinson BIMAKE Bio X Cell BIOCHAIN Bioclone Inc BioIVT (SeraLab) Biomedal BioMosaics Biopanda Reagents Biorbyt Ltd BIOSB Biosera BioServ Uk BIOTECON Diagnostics Biotem BIOTIUM BPS Bioscience Calbiotech Calibre scientific Cape Biologix Technologies CELL BIOLABS INC. Cell Culture Technologies Celprogen Chemicon-Upstate (Millipore) Chondrex Chromotek Cisbio Bioassays Clearsynth CLOUD-CLONE CORPORATION Cosmo Bio Covalab CREATIVE BIOARRAY Creative Biogene Creative Biolabs Creative Biomart Creative Biostructure CREATIVE DIAGNOSTICS Creative Enzymes Creative Proteomics CUSABIO Cyanagen Cygnus Technology Demeditec DENDRITICS Detroit R&D, Inc. Dynamiker Biotechnology EdgeBio Epitomics Eurofins DiscoverX EUROGENTEC EXBIO Fitzgerald Industries International FOCUS BIOMOLECULES FuGENE FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Europe GmbH Gene Link GenHunter Genlantis GenomeMe Genscript GENWAYBIO Glentham Life Sciences Ltd Glycoselect HANSABIOMED Healthcare Biotech HumanKine IBL-TECAN Immunostar ImmuSmol Inbio INNOVEX BIOSCIENCES Isohelix iXCells Kalon KAMIYA BIOMEDICAL KINGFISHER BIOTECH INC KRISHGEN BioSystems LABISKOMA Lifeasible Lifescience Market-Nova Lifetech List Biologicals Laboratories, Inc Matexcel MCE Medchem Express Merck Mercodia MICROSYNTH Mole Bioscience Molecular Dimension MONOSAN® MPbio MS Validated Antibodies Multitarget MyBioSource Myriad RBM NANOCS INC Nanotools Nature Standard Neuromics New England Peptide Nordic BioSite OriGene Oxford Expression Technologies PAN-BIOTECH GMBH PanPath Peninsula Laboratories International, Inc. Peprotech Phytotech Labs Progen ProImmune PROLYTIX ProSci Protein Ark PROTEINTECH PTM Biolabs Qiagen Qkine Ltd. RevMab Biosciences Salimetrics Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. SELENOZYME SELLECK CHEMICALS Sigma Merck SignalChem SignalChem Diagnostics Signalway Antibody Sino Biologicals Solaris Chem ST JOHN'S LABORATORY LTD Streambio StressMarq Biosciences Inc. SYNABS Synaptic Systems TdB Labs The Native Antigen Company TissueArray TNC BIO TOKU-E TRC-CANADA US Biological Vector Biolabs Vector Labs VectorBuilder GmbH Viagen Biotech VITROBIOPHARMA vivitide VMRD WANTAI Worthington XPRESSBIO ZellBio GmbH ZETA CORPORATION